Yamazaki's 18th


Today is Yamazaki's 18th year of drinking at Ron Cana, a bar in Toyota City. Recently, I'm addicted to Yamazaki, so I think it was a very valuable experience to be able to drink Yamazaki's 18th.
The color is a very beautiful amber color. With a capacity of 700㎖, the frequency is 43%. The aroma is deeper and heavier than 12 years, and when you first put it in your mouth, the flavor of the wooden barrel will strongly attack.
Yamazaki 18 years is now very popular and the price is so high that you can't buy it individually. I think that what you can get is the benefit of drinking at a bar. Thanks to Master.



The first taste is reminiscent of Yamazaki's 12-year-old bottle, after a fairly strong barrel wood flavor. But the decisive difference is the aftertaste. Naturally, the depth of the taste is amazing in Yamazaki 18 years, but the taste that you feel especially in the afterglow lasts for a very long time, and it burns into your heart.

Yamazaki whiskey, especially bottles 18 or 12 years old. I think the biggest reason I'm captivated is that the deep, complex scent of wood, which has a nice scent, works with the taste to stimulate and fascinate the tongue and brain.

I'm a little maniac, but the whiskey I dream of drinking before I die is the whiskey aged in whiskey barrels made of torreya nucifera wood.Torreya nucifera is a slow-growing, coniferous tree native to southern Japan and to South Korea's Jeju Island. It is also called kaya (榧) It is famous for being a material for go boards and shogi boards.
In particular, I am particular about the tree. The sweet scent of the orthodox torreya tree in Aichi and Gifu, but the torreya tree in the north has a medicinal herb-like scent. The Kyushu area has a strong sweet scent. I am very curious about what kind of malt the malt made with Torreya nucifera will be.


The digression has become longer, and the secret of Yamazaki's malt may be in such a place. I think there are many other distilleries that are particular about barrels. However, isn't Yamazaki's commitment exceptional?


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