A year and a half since I started blogging


Happy New Year. It's a lonely blog that only a few people can see every day, but thanks to you, it's been a year and a half since I started. I've written it to some extent, but I'm trying my best to post some topic every day. Even if I thought I knew it, it was difficult to write an easy-to-understand document, and I realized that finding a topic was even more difficult.
Even if I look around the world for a blog that combines kimono fabric and whiskey, I think I'm the only one. That point is original, but since both are minor topics, I think that the degree of interest is low. Occasionally, tourist guides for foreigners and foreigners are interested in Japanese kimono and introduce photos of my blog, but since I did not write a document in English, my blogs recognition is completely none.

It would have been nice if I could introduce a little more specific way to enjoy whiskey. In the past, I used to carry around bottle of sake, but it wasn't very cool, so I started to carry whiskey in a skittle. The skittle in the photo is mede of silver. The cherry blossoms are engraved on the entire surface and I like it very much. It looks like the next dyed Oshima Tsumugi fabric and is one of my precious treasures. It is a strong companion who warms up a cold body when watching rugby on a rainy day.
I make small items from the collected fabrics, but recently I haven't been able to make much. Even so, I like to make drawstring bags and book covers. I make a book cover for my favorite book from cotton pongee fabric and enjoy carrying it around. The tsumugi fabric book cover can be washed, so it can be washed even if it gets dirty. In addition, the color may become lighter as you use it, but it is also attractive that the softness increases and the more you use it, the more tasteful it becomes.
As I mentioned before, I mainly use JUKI's professional sewing machines for work. The number of rotations is fast and only straight stitches can be performed, but it is very easy to use. I also have computer sewing machines and lock sewing machines, but I rarely use them. I hope to make effective use of it in the future.

Finally, I would like to touch on what I want to make and my aspirations for this year. This year will be the 60th birthday in August. Perhaps work alone in Aichi prefecture away from home will be resolved in April, so I would like to try something I couldn't make before. I've worked hard to make a drawstring purse with a leather bottom, but I'm wondering if I could use canvas instead of leather. The purse with the bottom of the leather looks very good, but the work of sewing the leather with a sewing machine is slippery (using a special presser), so I will switch to canvas and make it.


The photo above is a combination of soft leather and cotton pongee. I think it will be even more fun to make small items if you can make such a drawstring purse properly. If you can teach me from the basics, you will improve, but since it is your own style, there are limits. For whiskey, I would like to consult with the liver and keep the whiskey to buy, mainly at the bar. As disposable income decreases year by year, the bottles you can buy may become mini bottles or whiskey for sale. Still, I think there are many brands that you can drink deliciously.

It's a small hobby, but I'm renewing my determination in the New Year, hoping to cherish the encounter with whiskey and kimono fabrics and leave a mark. I look forward to working with you again this year.
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